Entertainment Simplified…

Video Solutions

There is plenty to watch, from Netflix and new release movies to the Superbowl and home movies, but how you're watching them is what truly matters. With home video solutions from eStream Digital watch your favorite quarterback in high def as he leads his team in a comeback victory. Or, watch the exciting special effects of the latest Star Wars movie in vivid color like you've never seen it before. It's time for a whole new home video experience.

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Audio Solutions

That feeling you get when sitting in the theater as the movies score reverberates through you. Your heart starts racing as the bass kicks in, your emotions rise and fall with every mid and crystal clear high note. How would you like to have THAT kind of feeling at home? With eStream Digital, you can! Audio has it's very own way of playing with your emotions, heightening the on-screen visuals so that it feels like you're part of the movie. Are you ready?

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Home Automation

Just about everything in your home can be automated. Imagine inviting friends over for a movie, and with the touch of a button the lights dim to match the mood, the rich 7.1 surround sound kicks in, the front doors lock and the climate is adjusted automatically as you curl up on the couch. That's what home automation looks like when you have eStream Digital set it up for you. Isn't it time that your home worked for you, instead of the other way around?

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Home Theater

Are you ready to set yourself apart with a custom home theater? Anybody can buy an HDTV and hook up surround sound, but with the professionals at eStream Digital, you get so much more. Do you want THX Surround Sound and the latest 4k television with 3D picture? We've got you covered. With our expert installers, we can make sure the speaker are positioned just right, that all cables are hidden and that your home theater is second to none.

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Structured Wiring

Those wires behind your TV stand, the ones you're always having to untangle the family pet from? Do you know that it doesn't have to be that way? Give us a call and we can structure all of your wiring so that it's out of sight, but best of all so that it doesn't interfere with itself, lessening your enjoyment of why you need all those wires in the first place. At eStream Digital, we can carefully design you a structured wiring system that makes untangling wires and interference a thing of the past.

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Home Networking

Your home network is too important to leave to anyone less than the professionals--and eStream Digital, serving Dallas and Frisco, is proud to offer help with all your home network needs. With a well-equipped and secure home network, your devices can communicate with each other quickly and efficiently. And make no mistake: we here at eStream Digital, serving Plano and Prosper, take security very seriously.

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