Customer Support

Our way of thanking you for doing business with us is to be there for your questions and concerns long after the completion of any project. We do our best to prevent malfunctions before they even occur but if your system is not performing properly we ask that you first try our “Steps Before You Call” below. If these steps do not resolve the issue, please call our office at 469.518.5555 or email us at for the quickest response. We are committed to providing excellent service during our normal business hours Monday - Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00PM. If your request is received over the weekend or after hours, a team member will reach out to the next business day.

Steps Before You Call

We all know that all technology can have hiccups. If a problem, error, or concern should arise; we ask that you try a few simple steps provided in this section that may remedy the situation and save you time or a service call. If the issue is not corrected, please do not hesitate to give us a call during normal business hours and we will be glad to assist you. Ask us about our cost effective service plans and we’ll proactively come out to inspect your system on a regular basis or during peak usage times.

Having trouble with a remote?

Treat it like a cell phone. Sometimes these devices lock up or need to be reset. Take the battery out and return it after a few seconds. *Tip-If you’re the guy or gal that has to have the remote in your hand, remember that the remote “wakes up” every time you move which drains it quicker.

Trouble with a satellite box?

Boxes are sent updates straight from the manufacturer and sometimes malfunction. Reset the box or unplug it back in and follow on screen instructions.

Stuck on a menu or page?

Turn off devices "Room Off" and turn them back on. Monitor to see if it happens again when you perform the same actions. By knowing what triggers the problem we can more quickly identify and address it.

TV or Device Not Responding?

If your TV or device is no longer responding to your remote’s commands, check to see if a transmitter has fallen off the face of the TV or off the equipment being operated (such as a satellite box). These little emitters send signals to the equipment wirelessly and if not affixed properly you’ll notice inputs do not change correctly.

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