Home Automation

Discover The Wonders Of Home Automation In The Dallas, TX Area With Help From eStream Digital

What do you want to Control?



Gather family and friends for an evening of enjoyment. You can make sure the lights dim, the movie starts, and the surround sound kicks in, all with the touch of one button. Make your home a little more like a theater experience with eStream Digital. 


We offer audio system integration services that are great for everyone, from casual radio listeners to audiophiles. No matter where you are in your home, you can enjoy your music simply with our audio integration.


Smart lighting with our lighting automation makes things so much easier. You can turn lights on and off or dim them from anywhere in the house without even having to stand up. Take control over your lights and make your life that much brighter.


Keep yourself and your family safe automatically, from the comfort of your phone! When you integrate your security with us, you can make your locks smart--so what were they before? Smart locks, cameras, alarm integration, and more--you can get them here at eStream Digital!


Imagine being able to adjust the temperature in your house from your phone. You don't have to imagine--this can be a reality with climate integration from eStream Digital! You can adjust the temperature while inside or even make sure you come home to a house that's perfectly comfortable.


You can choose to get text notifications, email notifications, or audio alerts from your house--and the best part is that you can tell your home when and how to communicate with you. That's living smarter.

Home Automation Done Right

The digital age is a wondrous time to be alive, and we are excited to show you just how much more enjoyable life can be with home automation from eStream Digital. Your home in the Dallas Fort Worth area is part of a thriving community, and automating your home is a great way to increase its value and make your life easier while showing friends and family that you are on the cutting edge. When you have us automate your home, we will seamlessly integrate everything from movie night to your home's climate. From music to lighting, security, and even communication, home automation is the future now. Here at eStream Digital, we are excited to show Frisco, TX how much more convenient life can be with home automation.

Just imagine the look you will get from friends and family when, with the push of a button, the lights dim, shades drop over the windows, surround sound kicks in, and the movie begins. This is just the start of how much easier home automation can make movie night. It always seems that the pizza arrives right at that point in the movie where it causes you to miss something important. When you have eStream Digital behind your home automation, another simple push of a button will pause the movie and raise the lights so you don't stub your toe heading for the door. Of course, movie night is only one of the advantages to having home automation.

Take advantage of our audio integration: whether you are a casual radio listener or live for the sweet notes of your favorite music, you will enjoy your tunes with ease from any room in your house. We are proud to provide Plano, TX with a wide variety of home automation solutions to fit every need, home, and budget. With our smart lighting automation from eStream Digital, you will never again have to get back out of bed when you realize that you left the kitchen light on. You will be able to turn lights on, off, and even dim them from anywhere in the house. You will also be able to do the same thing with your climate controls and, in fact, operate these and more right from your phone. Here at eStream Digital, we can automate your home so you can simply notify it that the heater or air conditioning needs to at a certain level when you return home. We can even set your home up to send you text, email, or even audio alerts. With all of this brilliant technology, safety and security is even more important.

At eStream Digital, we offer a wide selection of the latest in security technology. Just like the rest of your home, our automation systems can connect smart locks throughout your house right to your phone. The latest in security alarm and video surveillance can also be seamlessly integrated through your automated home into one convenient and easy-to-use platform on your phone, mobile device, and even computer. This is a whole new way to think of a master key.

Contacting us is easy online or by phone at (469) 518-5555, where our friendly team will be happy to schedule your consultation. We'd love to meet you so drop by our convenient location at 2544 Tarpley Rd, Suite 108, Carrollton, TX 75006. We are proud to provide Prosper, TX with the latest in home automation technology, so contact eStream Digital today.