Home Theater

eStream Digital Can Build the Home Theater of Your Dreams

Make the mood with advanced theater lighting

When you’re ready to take your home theater system to the next level, it’s time to come to eStream Digital. Whether you’re in Dallas or the greater DFW Metroplex, we can design and build you a home theater system like you’ve never seen before. eStream Digital will work with you whether you want the look and feel of a full theater, or simply want to upgrade your living room to make nights at home more entertaining. To achieve our high level of excellence when it comes to home theaters in the Frisco or Plano areas, eStream Digital only partners with the best in the business, and that includes Control4 smart home systems and Sonos audio.

Control4 and eStream Digital Give You the Latest Technology in Home Theater

Everything in one place, connected

Not only will eStream Digital build a home theater system that perfectly reflects your style, but we will also make it the smartest area of your home. Thanks to our proud partnership with smart home experts Control4, we have the ability to link all the controls for your home theater to one easy to use device. We can also take it a step further and make your entire home smarter by linking lights, security, audio, climate, and more to the same device you use to control your home theater. Control4 is the industry leader in smart home products and configuration because they provide the best touch screens, controllers, matrix switches, and amplifiers available. With quality products that make your home smarter and your home theater system more advanced, you can trust eStream Digital and Control4 to build you the best home theater system in Prosper or McKinney, TX.

Experience the Powerful Audio of Sonos

Settle for nothing less than Sonos audio

eStream Digital partners with the best company for smart home technology and devices, and, when you combine that with our additional Sonos audio partnership, you’ll get the most impressive home theater system in the Dallas, TX area. We searched for the best, most advanced wireless audio company and came up with Sonos. Not only does Sonos give you the richest audio available, but the speaker design is attractive, subtle, and wireless. No more blocky, obnoxious speakers and wires interfering with the design of your home, Sonos gives you the audio quality you want and a design that enhances your home theater instead of distracting you from it. Bring your home theater experience to an entirely new level with Sonos Audio.

Trust eStream Digital to Build Your Smart Home Theater

Make your theater your own with eStream Digital

Your home theater should combine your personal style and advanced technology. That’s why we at eStream Digital serve the Dallas area with only the best products and services from Control4 and Sonos. We’ll help you every step of the way, from designing a theater that includes everything you want to installation and setup. While we’re at it, we would be happy to upgrade other rooms, or even your entire home, to make controlling the systems of your house from one smart device easy and convenient. Want to cool down the temperature while you turn up the tunes, or turn down the lights as your movie starts without ever leaving your seat? We can make it happen. Give eStream Digital a call at 469-518-5555 if you have any questions or want to set up a consultation. We serve many parts of the DFW area including Frisco, Plano, Prosper, and beyond with our digital expertise, and we look forward to serving you.