eStream Digital

An industry leader serving the Greater Dallas area with excellence in home automation, theater & video.

Video Solutions

What to watch is rarely a question. But how you watch defines your whole experience. Grilling on the back porch with friends as you watch your favorite quarterback in high def as he leads his team in a comeback victory. Or leverage split screen technology to watch your favorite series while keeping an eye on your favorite team at the same time. Time for an upgrade and not sure where to start? The experts at eStream Digital are trained on all new video tech and can help you find the perfect solution for your theater, game room, or entire home. It's time for a whole new home video experience.

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Audio Solutions

Fill your house with sound for your next dinner party, stream the big game inside and outside your home, or share your favorite song with family and friends.

Whether you are filling your whole house with sound or focusing on one room, you can seamlessly stream audio throughout your home. Whatever your audio needs, we’ll put you in complete control of wherever and whenever you want to listen.

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Have you ever left town and couldn’t remember whether you locked your door or not? What if we told you there was a way to not only monitor that, but also remotely lock/unlock your front or back door? Thanks to innovative technology today, we can design a detailed plan for your home. so you can monitor for yourself any potential problems.

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While it doesn’t sound glamourous or glitzy, a secure and wireless home network is one of the unsung heros of a smart home. Increased data protection, more reliable streaming, faster communication between devices, and home network access while away are a few of many advantages of investing in your home’s networking system.

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Smart Home

Building a new home or ready to give yours a boost? Why not make it a smart home? There are literally hundreds of ways to automate your home. Coordinate virtually all the connected devices in your house to create a personalized experience with solutions that maximize your comfort, convenience, entertainment and peace of mind. Do something special for your home and give it the smart it deserves!

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