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At eStream Digital our commitment is to deliver exceptional customer service paired with state of the art technology. After the initial investment, make sure you aren’t missing out on all your home technology has to offer. Smart home technology requires system upkeep and maintenance. Because of this we are proud to offer annual, bi-annual and quarterly plans to provide services such as preventative maintenance, equipment cleaning and system testing. Find a plan that fits your needs and sit back and relax.


Control4's Remote Access/Cloud License

An annual 4Sight subscription allows you to remotely access the Control4 system and get the most out of your smart home with hands-on personalization, voice control, and mobile access.

Annual Software/Firmware Updates

Keep all your home devices including TVs, network and Control4 devices up-to-date with the latest software and firmware updates. These updates will keep your system fast, secure and give you access to the latest features.

Equipment Testing

Routine checkup to make sure all audio, video, security and control systems are running optimally. Includes tweaks and minor repairs.

Alarm Monitoring Discount

Receive a discount on our remote alarm monitoring service. Allow us to monitor your systems remotely 24-7 and alert you or the local police when there is a concern.

Phone Support

We are available to troubleshoot technical issues, but should you need someone to walk you through building a playlist or programming your smart lights, you can pick up the phone anytime during our business hours for extra help.

Discounts on Purchases

Get a discount on speakers and other equipment to enhance your smart home technology. Exclusions for TVs and sale and discounted items.

Control4 Remote Diagnostics

eStream Digital can remotely diagnose and resolve Control4 system issues.

Priority Scheduling

Your service issues receive Platinum or VIP Diamond priority and jump to the top of the queue respectively.


Routine cleaning of TVs and all components connected to the TV/receiver. This service includes a detailed security camera cleaning as well. (An additional service fee may apply for cameras installed above 12 feet.)

Rack Organization

Annual organization of all A/V rack equipment. Includes cable management and cleaning.

Remote Network Support

eStream Digital leverages OvrC Pro to troubleshoot network system issues.